Why Estonia?

Estonian Summer Beach

Why Estonia?

‘’In here, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society.

It is a place for independent minds where bright ideas meet a can-do spirit.’’ – Work In Estonia 


At Ecartic we have 5 different nationalities working in our team, and we are working from 3 different locations at all times (sometimes more, if someone decides to use the perks of hybrid work and the borderless work environment it creates), but the centre of Ecartic is still Tallinn

What do people from our team think? Why Estonia?

Since we are running multiple ventures where each has a different focus but also a lot of overlap in terms of required specialist skills, we’ve also decided to build a great place to work here in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s a fun place to live and has the most Unicorns per capita in the world! Who would have thought? Maybe you’ve heard of companies such as Skype, TransferWise, Bolt, and PipeDrive? Yeah, all founded in Tallinn. This means that there’s a relatively large pool of talent here when it comes to developers, marketing specialists and generally speaking, all things digital. Just don’t expect beach weather in November. But that is okay because the Estonian summer is beautiful!  

Some thoughts from our team:

Eloora - Work Culture Manager

I moved back to Estonia last year, after living in England for 8 years. Almost a year later and I do not regret my decision one bit. Tallinn offers you the opportunities any other big city can and more. Tallinn gives you excitement and opportunities, but it also gives you time, which seems to disappear when you are living and commuting in a bigger city like London. But the biggest perk for me is nature, the sea, lakes, forests, and fields – it’s all so close. So easy to switch off from all the hassle of the big city. And if you want to connect the two, then in Estonia working remotely from a beach or a cafe is totally possible thanks to the fast internet connection. So win-win, whichever way you look at it.

Mischa - CAO

Having relocated to several countries in my life – Estonia was by far the easiest and most efficient. Estonia has a great start-up scene and the high digitalisation makes it an ideal place for entrepreneurs.

Miko - CEO

As a Finn, it’s easy to identify the difference in approach between the two countries; in Estonia, it’s “full steam ahead” and more opportunistic, whereas in Finland we tend to often hesitate and keep the handbrake on a bit. This sort of environment encourages innovation and is probably one of the reasons why there are so many successful startups hailing from Tallinn, relative to population size. It also means that there is a broad talent pool and cosmopolitan vibe, which in turn makes for a very pleasant life.

Startup facts

If you are looking for a new adventure, and want to look into what Estonia has to offer, then check out https://www.workinestonia.com/

If you are thinking about starting a company in Estonia, then have no worries, it is easy. If you are quick and efficient then you can create your startup from scratch within 15 minutes. Like they proved at the London tech week. Estonia is also the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity, and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent business environment: a new digital nation for the world.  And mostly thanks to the ease of doing business in Estonia, there are 10 unicorns per 1.3m people here, which is beyond impressive. So think about it and come along for the ride, who knows maybe you’ll be the next unicorn?

So all is there to say is why not Estonia? It has everything you need and more!

But we are now off to celebrate Midsummer, also known as Jaanipäev or St. John’s Day, it’s one of the oldest and most important celebrations in Estonia.⁣⁣ Like most people living in Estonia, we will take a chance to head to the countryside, beaches, forests, and Midsummer celebrations. And enjoy the beauty Estonia has to offer.

Happy Victory Day and Midsummer to everyone celebrating and be sure to enjoy the beautiful nature and culture in Estonia during Midsummer!

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