An eCommerce brand redefining direct-to-consumer oral cosmetics together with influencers and online publishers


Every Ecartic venture starts with market research. The health of the global teeth whitening market along with the innovations of a new type of at-home whitening makes us interested in entering this space and redefining the ways these types of dental products can be sold in 2021.


global teeth market valuation 2020


estimated revenue in 2026


expected CAGR in 2018-2026

Smileo is a B2C teeth whitening brand

It offers an innovative way to whiten teeth from the comfort of your home. Having a reliable and effective home-whitening method unlocks immense potential to turn this into a branded product that can appeal to the tech-savvy generation that’s used to ordering high quality products and services on the go. Why should oral care be different?


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markets unlocked with hyper-localised approach


MVP testing ends, rebrand and scaling

The strengths of Smileo lie in the unique offering & positioning. Most people are unaware that there are alternative ways to do effective whitening, moreover without the huge cost of a dentist’s visit. This in turn is the perfect chance for Ecartic to use the power of branding to connect the dots and reach the audience that is eager to have a lower cost simple solution to their problem. We have purposefully positioned our product in the emerging oral beauty niche that has been seeing a boom in the latter years. We see Smileo as a lifestyle product, and this in turn makes us stand out from the traditional big names of the dental industry which struggle to speak to young audiences in an exciting and meaningful way.

Ecartic is excited to be a part of the Smileo journey 💙

Thanks to this brand, we’ve been able to have solid grounds for learning and test new ways to sell physical products in 2021 – we’re excited to be a part of the new trends of social commerce and influencer marketing and how these new ways to reach customers are redefining how brands can use an authentic voice reach out to audiences on the platforms they spend their time most.

We’re also growing our muscle in business development – Smileo is the platform we use to understand the ins and outs of managing manufacture and distribution, marketing, sales and delivery of a physical product & test our ideas out there in the real world. We believe that we must have previous experience with all of this to be able to serve our partners best and really understand the challenges one faces when setting up an eCommerce business – to provide the ultimate marketing performance and experience, we must be a part of the eCommerce tribe.

We’ve currently done our first MVP round and have checked the market pulse. After some months of testing our hypothesis and various solutions both in product development and marketing, we’re now scaling the business and reaching new markets with a wholly updated product lineup and a fresh design geared towards selling on social media. 

Moreover, we’ve redefined the positioning for this product – our goal with Smileo is to sell it as an oral cosmetics & lifestyle product in contrast to the very obvious first instinct to label this as strictly a dental product.

Team Ecartic

Team Ecartic

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