Let us start with the three main steps of a media buyer

The image illustrates media buyers targeting people.

Let us start with the three main steps of a media buyer

Have you ever heard of digital footprints?

Have you ever wondered about that fancy-looking dress you just searched for on Amazon, and why are you seeing it elsewhere while surfing the Web? You might be panicking, thinking some lizards from Amazon, Meta or Google are tracking your online activities. Well, you are right and you are being targeted by someone sitting in their fancy office, possibly sipping a morning coffee, staring down their GoogleAds screen. Smiling and patting themselves, for doing an amazing job targeting, because you might be their potential buyer. And that’s the someone we call a media buyer in a fun form.

But we want to step back a bit, to know the difference between tracking digital footprints and targeting. Often we think it is the same. However, they are two sides of the coin and they must coexist to create a successful Media buyer. We will get back to it at the end of the article.

The three main steps of a media buyer

The first step of any Media buyer is 
to do a proper product analysis, categorize it, use the product yourself (if possible), or maybe go through some QA testing thesis. Testing could be anything depending on the form of a product, be it a physical or a digital. All you need is to fall in love with what you are about to present to the real audience.

Step two: knowing the expectations of a product owner. Most importantly, understanding the KPIs and budget. Since it’s the Media buyer’s job to provide ROIs, we ask no further questions assuming the product is fully developed and ready to go on sale.

The third and final step is optimisation! It doesn’t start without knowing the difference between tracking and targeting. Advertising Networks, let’s call the giants Meta, Google, Microsoft, or any other network with direct traffic, do the dirty job we call tracking the audience. Media buyers do a simple job of targeting those audiences, buying media on CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA, CPS, etc. Any Optimisation take less efforts if you have found the right tracker i.e. GoogleAds there are literally thousands of combine targeting options available and now as a media buyer if you have gone through first and second steps properly we just made targeting simplified.

In terms of being a successful Media buyer, one should have full knowledge of which Tracker/Advertising Network to use before targeting its audience. Be confident since there are plenty of Networks with tons of promises and do not be afraid of negotiating.

Today, we just scratched the surface of media buying. Next time we will dive deeper to discuss the complexity of media buying. Do let us know if there is anything specific you would like to find out! We have combined 10 years of experience in the Digital Advertising world, so give us your best shot.

Advait Shah
Sr. Digital Media Buyer

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