Fully remote, office, or hybrid work – what would you choose?

Fully remote, office, or hybrid work – what would you choose?

I am currently writing this blog post from my grandma’s kitchen, so you would assume this post will be about the benefits of remote work, but that’s not the case. Maybe the discussion shouldn’t be about office vs remote work or the number of days in the office. Maybe the discussion should be about flexibility, trust, and the possibility to choose? 

Let’s get into the statistics


89% of European companies plan on having a hybrid workforce post-pandemic, with only 11% expecting employees to return to the office full-time. 

The statistics vary from country to country and between industries. But the shift is happening, the pandemic paused everyone’s everyday lives to a certain extent, and made people re-evaluate their choices and their priorities. Having the option not to spend precious time commuting to work, but to spend more time with family. Or even simple everyday tasks, having the option to work from home when waiting for a package or a handyman. It has given people flexibility and an option to plan their life with more ease.  

But there are still companies now that are desperately trying to get their employees back to the office, the tactics are different, some more firm and demanding, some more manipulating and bribing. Neither will give a long-term positive effect. So what will?

We did a quick poll in our company Slack channel

Quick office poll, which one do you like the most (add the emoji):

🏝Remote work/Home office

☀️Office work

🔥Hybrid work 

The winner by far was hybrid work, the more flexible choice. A possibility to work from home, a cafe, office, garden – whichever works for you!

They are not saying no to the office, they are saying yes to flexibility, and the option to choose, because the company trusts them to deliver what is needed and to be part of the company’s success. But there were also people who chose office work or remote work, that is just a reminder again that we are all different. That is why as an employer it’s about adapting to the new ways of working and making sure everyone has what they need to enjoy their work and what they do.

But to answer the question about long-term success in seeing your employees in the office, then my answer is this: 

  • communicate;
  • trust;
  • and create a work culture where they want to see their co-workers;
  • where they want to see their manager face to face and brainstorm;
  • where they are excited about the projects that they are working on.
  • and where they feel that their input matters, so they want to be present. Take care of your employees and your employees will take care of you!


Flexibility is set in the Ecartic DNA 

We support super flexible ways of working – we’ve been set up to be 100% digital from the very start of Ecartic. This is amazing as currently, our employees are working from 4 different countries, not counting anyone who decides to go work remotely from a sunny beach, that is an added bonus to being 100% digital. All the essential meetings are held online and you can take them from your grandma’s apple garden (if she has stable 4G), or in my case grandma’s kitchen. Going 100% digital supports us in many ways, it gives us the freedom to work from anywhere, but it also gives us the opportunity to hire talented people from anywhere. Which is a huge benefit in the start-up world, where the competition for talent is increasing. 


56% of leaders say that access to better talent due to wider talent pools would make them more profitable


Hybrid and flexibility go hand in hand 

My personal take on remote vs office, if I had to put it in percentage, it would be 95% office and 5% remote – so still hybrid, but I lean towards office life, as I enjoy the routine of going to the office. But I would never choose office work alone because hybrid work gives me the opportunity to fly to Saaremaa and spend time with family.

Our office in Tallinn is pet friendly, but when the dog lives in Saaremaa, then hybrid work helps ❤️

– model – Alfie

A similar mindset is throughout the company, for example, our CEO Miko, who has taken advantage of a couple of rare sunny and hot days over the past two covid summers and headed to the resort town of Pärnu for some remote working opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Summer time in Estonia 🇪🇪

Beaches are as good as anywhere and if lucky. temperatures are over 30 degrees. Sometimes a small escape from Tallinn offers surprising remote working conditions.

Or Juha our Head of Acquisition, working from home in Finland - with such a view, who wouldn't?


Hybrid work allows us to plan our life and still be successful and excited about our jobs. Communicate and trust, and you can enjoy a fully flexible work culture.

Eloora Rannala
Work Culture Manager
✉️ eloora@ecartic.com

2560 1707 Ecartic
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