Ecartic – sharpened focus on value creation through new business building

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Ecartic – sharpened focus on value creation through new business building

Ecartic was born out of curiosity. This is of course one of the key characteristics of anyone with even an ounce of entrepreneurial blood flowing in their veins but in this instance it was a fairly typical case of constant exposure to certain types of social media advertising that led into the investigation of new product trends and their business potential.

The company was founded by two guys with a proven track record in online marketing – the understanding that at the end of the day, if you boil it down to the thick bisque of it, it’s all about monetising traffic in the right way. If the product/market fit is there, if the marketing communication is relevant and a decent media-mix is found..then with optimisation a good level of marketing efficiency can be reached and that equals profitable business (maybe).

And so the 1.0 version of Smileo was rolled out. This soon came with many needs and itches to scratch – An affiliate network was needed, proper tracking tools for CPA based advertising deals, product design, branding, media agencies, logistics, you name it. Basically the usual mess any company has to deal with in its infancy. More importantly, an idea was born – something which has taken over a year to go from fuzzy vision to a solid guiding principle for everything that the ecartic group of companies does.

We are a growth engine driving innovations from concept stage to maturity. Ideas that are created in dedicated business units which make it past the initial proof of concept phase are pushed through the funnel and become their own ventures, independent from the parent company, yet enjoying full support and service from it when needed. They get a product owner or managing director and a lean funding plan in order to validate the concept further and power them into a proper scale-up phase. 

At this point we might have failed or we might have secured some outside funding and brought in some suitable heavy-hitters. This is what we have now successfully done with our online privacy product BlufVPN. More exciting news on that to follow soon!

Our internal teams such as our ecommerce and acquisition teams provide services to our various ventures and they (in most cases) have clear synergies between each other. This is one of the guiding principles – we should be driving value from different parts of the value-chain by connecting these digital concepts. 

Since receiving significant funding from Yolo investments, we’ve been able to scale multiple projects simultaneously and adjust our approach in many cases. We are so happy to have a partner who sees value in our deep marketing expertise and who has so many complementary ventures within it’s portfolio which we will be able to find synergies with. It’s going to be a fun and wild ride..Hold on to your hats! 

I’m enjoying guiding us along the path of transformation from a motley crue with ideas to a group of companies with a clear vision, strategy and dedicated teams realising those dreams. We want to build a strong company culture and compete with the best employers out there in order to attract the right calibre of talent, continue to innovate and come up with disruptive concepts, invest into the right external ventures where we bring something special to the table and most importantly; make sure our customers find value in what we offer.

Stay tuned!

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