eCartic — A future proof venture hub & marketing agency

eCartic — A future proof venture hub & marketing agency

Stop the press! Gather the troops! There’s another digital marketing agency in town! I know what you are thinking but we are actually a lot more than that. The marketing agency part is there because over the years we’ve dealt with so many mediocre ones that it was just easier to build our own. In previous lives we were mostly employed in what you would call traditional marketing and product teams in some of the more successful corporations of the past decade. This is where we saw firsthand the disconnect and inefficiencies between people, functions and service providers and decided that there is a better way of doing business in 2020. And so eCartic was born.

And now we are starting to get closer to the essence of our very existence. eCartic is primarily a venture hub — we come up with concepts, turn them into awesome products and use our skills to sell them. We also invest into great ideas, ranging from global software products to wave-riding direct-to-consumer goods. We’re committed to launching new ventures and expanding into new territories at full throttle, as long as they sit at the intersection of strong market trends.

For example, our trademarked VPN brand BlufVPN is pretty relevant and cool for a software product. At BlufVPN we are on a mission to build Europe’s #1 household privacy service provider by building a reputable and recognisable brand. Our VPN product is only the beginning! Gain control over your privacy online at

Our trademarked Oral Cosmetics brand Smileo is redefining direct-to-consumer oral cosmetic sales together with online influencers and other publishers. It’s a great exercise in taking control of most of the value-chain and keeping our staff busy with everything from package design to logistics to media buying and building a global network of dependable influencers. Get a brighter smile at

We’re currently also building our own affiliate network called AdMammothwhich will not only allow us to monetize our in-house and partner brands in a super cost-efficient way but also grow a huge global network of publishers and advertisers. AdMammoth also doubles as a marketing tracking tool and allows you to only pay for results, handy especially for smaller advertisers with limited budgets. You can probably see the value in that. See how AdMammoth can help you reduce marketing spend and propel your sales at

Since we are running multiple ventures where each has a different focus but also a lot of overlapping in terms of required specialist skills, we’ve also decided to build a great place to work here in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s a fun place to live and has the most Unicorns per capita in the world! Who would have thought? Maybe you’ve heard of companies such as Skype, TransferWise, Bolt, PipeDrive? Yeah, all founded in Tallinn. This means that there’s a relatively large pool of talent here when it comes to developers, marketing specialists and generally speaking, all things digital. Just don’t expect beach weather in November. If you are looking for a new adventure, check out

So, because we have an in-house agency, we don’t have to necessarily use yours. That means cost-saving and also through the combined volumes of media buying, we actually get pretty good rates with our advertising partners. I’m sure you might have more of everything than us at the moment but that’s also fine. It’s good to be agile and forward thinking in the world we are living in!

For that very reason we also invest into great ideas. We’re a lead investor in a company developing live-streaming platforms and are looking into things like payment solutions. If you have a cool business and jumping into the deep end with us sounds like an interesting proposition; don’t hesitate to be in touch. Maybe coffee and a Zoom first, though.

We will be introducing the eCartic team, their ideas and our ventures in more detail over the coming months so take a peek every now and again to see what’s cooking..

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