🎉 Ecartic yearly review 2021 – brief look at key developments

As another busy year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the progress in the group ventures. What a year! It most certainly has been busy over at Ecartic filled with many challenges and success stories – here’s a brief look on the essentials:

  • 14 new team members joined us this year (we’re working from multiple countries and continuously develop our remote collaboration solutions). 
  • Despite the global situation, we managed to meet in person for 3 team events in Tallinn, following all safety guidelines we had some good cheer between the colleagues.  
  • Our company went over a rebrand and a new Ecartic Studio for creative media projects was added to our services. 
  • We have worked with 100+ social media content creators across all our ventures. 
  • More than 380 Instagram posts have been created and published on our venture’ Instagram accounts.
  • We have been listed on BestStartup.eu in 3 categories.  



Our VPN brand went over quite the makeover and has won the Silver Egg award for Corporate Design & Branding in the largest and most prestigious creativity festival of Baltics – Kuldmuna 2021.

  • Stable apps are available on all major platforms
  • 7 Languages Available. 
  • Steady Mobile acquisition through Android (Over 2500 Subscribers)
    A new product (BlufPass) is in the last stages of review & testing. 
  • Development of marketing features has started.
  • Finalized investment round
  • First B2B Apps in review. 
  • Sold 3 B2B solutions for 3rd parties



A complete rebranding and improved product formula, new smile care products added to the range. 


Social Sapiens:

  • Launched 3 new SEO brands for iGaming, Adult and VPN
  • Launched main media buying brand: MrSapiens.com
  • Opened positions for Media buying and Product owner
  • Started partnerships with 50+ companies
  • Finalized investment round



  • AdMammoth changed from an affiliate network to an Affiliate management Agency.
  • Planned and built up the core concept of the agency.
  • Built a new webpage
  • Created marketing materials, legal documentation. 
  • Partnerships with the biggest affiliate networks in the world (CJ.com, Awin, etc)
  • Onboarded first clients


As we head into 2022, Ecartic is ready for new heights with the groundwork that we’ve laid in this year. Of course, that would not be possible without our team, investors, partners & advisors that help us move forward every day.

Cheers to that and Happy New Year! 🎉

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What is Affiliate Marketing and how can your business benefit from it?

The internet has numerous benefits. Of course, some are more popular than others. It sure makes communication more accessible, particularly through social media. You’ll also find it easy to get information about a wide range of subjects like affiliate marketing.

And it just so happens that it’s still one of the most grossly underestimated areas of digital marketing. So, before we go into it, let’s impress you with some figures real quick! Did you know that 16% of the sales brands in the United States make, according to a recent survey, are from affiliate marketing?

Well, now that you have an idea of just how vital affiliate marketing truly is, we’ll give you a rundown of how it works and who is in the best position to provide you with that service.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Definition 

Before we delve into what affiliate marketing is, let’s backtrack a bit. Most of our clients are quite curious, and one of their frequently asked questions is, what is an affiliate? Well, if you have an idea of what it is, you’ll undoubtedly find it easy to understand what affiliate marketing entails.

An affiliate is a marketer who owns a chain of websites, blogs, or email mailing lists, and these are what they use to create awareness for their brands and companies. An affiliate may be a single individual or, in our case, an agency.

AdMammoth is an affiliate agency with an extensive network. Essentially, we go by numerous traditional or conventional methods of marketing products. For instance, we have many top influencers that reach our younger audience; we create content for websites, give search engine optimization recommendations etc.


What is an affiliate agency?

It can take a lot of time and effort to establish a successful affiliate marketing program from scratch. To get the best results, you need to develop relationships with high-performing publishers which often takes months or years. However, a dedicated affiliate manager will already have built these relationships which means they can engage more affiliates to deliver top-class results. It’ll save you months of effort and enable your campaign to launch with a bang!

AdMammoth is a leading Affiliate Management Service provider. AdMammoth offers a complete management service that covers all aspects of developing and optimising a successful affiliate program from top to bottom.

Why choose adMammoth? 

At AdMammoth we offer a complete management service that covers all aspects of developing and optimising an affiliate program from top to bottom. We understand that times are busy, and the value we provide is directly tied into the amount of time we save our clients as well as our ability to generate results. Not only do we provide expertise, identify high potential opportunities and execute campaigns to maximise performance; we make it a point to require minimal work from our merchant partners. In the services section, you will learn more about what we offer and how we guide an affiliate program to profitability during the launch/relaunch phase.



10 Pros of Working with AdMammoth Affiliate Management Agency


👨‍🔬 Expertise

The first and most important thing affiliate management agencies bring to the table is expertise. Their teams are formed of affiliate marketing experts who know all about launching and growing a program like yours. Unlike with in-house managers, where you may need to provide them with further training, outsourced managers have already received all the training they need, and, even if that is not the case, the agency will take care of it.

Moreover, when outsourcing management to an agency, you get more than one expert — you get input from an entire team. When faced with a challenge, lacking certain information, needing advice or insights, an outsourced affiliate program manager will not hesitate to consult with their colleagues. Team members will also share news and discuss threats, opportunities, and best practices.

⏳ Experience

Experience is important in affiliate program management and can take many forms. Managing competing or related programs, and using the affiliate marketing network or affiliate tracking software that you’ve chosen for your program.

AdMammoth affiliate management agency has proven track records and experience in most niches, often not only in management but also as affiliates. Our experience could make a huge difference in how your program sets off. And, as mentioned above, you’ll benefit from the experience of an entire team, not just of one person.

🛠 Toolset

Besides expertise and experience, managing an affiliate marketing program requires a comprehensive set of tools, meant to help with:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Publisher discovery
  • Email discovery and automation
  • HTML coding
  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand reputation
  • Compliance policing, etc.


For You, the costs of running your affiliate program could easily add up. AdMammoth already has our own subscriptions for these tools. We gladly use our tools and resources to grow the affiliate programs we manage, police affiliates, and protect Your reputation.

🤝 Relationships

In addition to having experience in everything related to affiliate marketing, AdMammoth also has relationships that we will gladly leverage for the benefit of our clients. Whether you need recommendations for a particular product or service, contact details, or an introduction to a third-party, you can count on us to provide them or otherwise facilitate them.

We also have excellent relationships with most affiliate and sub-affiliate networks and dedicated support representatives or contact persons that they can reach out to if something happens. This means that any issues that may appear during the setup or management of your affiliate program will be solved promptly.

🏷 Discounts, Waivers, and Other Perks

Many affiliate marketing networks and advertising platforms have steep integration fees. Working with the right agency could help you avoid or diminish them. How would you like to have the setup fee waived and/or pay 50% lower commissions to the affiliate network you run your program on? It’s possible, and many other financial benefits are at stake if you choose AdMammoth.

📓 Publisher Database

Having managed numerous affiliate programs in the different niches, we have a huge database of publishers, sub-affiliate networks, and content monetization platforms to contact and convert into your affiliates. For example, AdMammoth is a partner with the biggest affiliate network in the world – CJ.com.

🤵 Representation

We are willing to represent companies at industry conferences, trade shows, and other events. Depending on your company’s product vertical, the fares and shows differ in sizes and locations. Regardless of this, our team is always up for the challenge. 

🔐 Brand & Affiliate Program Protection

Although affiliate marketing can hugely benefit almost any business, it also brings in a certain degree of risk. After all, you are trusting and paying others to market your products and services. 

AdMammoth, as a  seasoned agency, will know how to prevent, discourage, and take measures against such behaviours. They will reverse fraudulent transactions,  remove and report the affiliates who generated them so as to take away their motivation, make sure that commissions reach their rightful owner, etc.

For that we carefully review affiliate applications, consult and contribute to affiliate blacklists, monitor affiliate traffic and sales, keep good affiliates close through newsletters, emails, and social media posts, and, especially, resort to transformational leadership.

🧨 Cross-Promotion Opportunities

We’ve already established that affiliate marketing agencies manage several programs at the same time. It is not uncommon for those programs to be in the same niche or in the same vertical and target the same affiliates. They may also facilitate cross-promotion between merchants. 

🚀 Credibility

Publishers, at least the most desirable ones, choose the affiliate programs they join and the merchants they promote carefully. They will rarely join a program with no sales and statistics or recommend a product or a service they have never tried and which lacks user feedback. They may take the leap of faith if they receive the invitation to join from an affiliate program manager they know and respect or if they notice that the program is managed by an agency with reputation.

In conclusion

As a budding brand or company, you stand to make money with affiliate marketing. It is not just an assurance of traffic for your website but also real-life sales. According to the above cited survey, 83% of affiliate marketers generate awareness for brands through affiliate marketing. Essentially, this is the most important benefit.

If you’re an upcoming brand, it’ll take a lot of time to develop a sustainable relationship with publishers that can successfully promote your brand and generate income. 

So, why not jump on that trend and hire a reliable affiliate marketing program like AdMammoth? It’s a super-efficient way to create awareness about your products and services without breaking the bank.

AdMammoth has built beneficial relationships with influencers, lead buyers, and top publishers to ensure that our clients receive only the best services. We have established those relationships over the years, so you don’t have to. Additionally, you’ll be paying a lot less when you go through us because of our mutually beneficial relationship.

With AdMammoth, we assure you that you’ll become a part of the brands with an increased conversion rate within a few weeks. So, why not become a part of the 16% of brands that generate revenue from e-commerce sales in 2022?

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Ecartic Studio – Our one stop shop for creative media production.

Ecartic Studio is our home for all things related to visual & creative storytelling – graphic design, video production, website design, banner promotions and social media content. If you need a partner who can bring you a team with over ten years of expertise, a timely delivery and keep a control on cost, look no further. 

We serve a multitude of clients alaready including the ventures under Ecartic’s umbrella as well as agencies who need additional help with bringing their ideas to fruition, businesses who have a product they need a unique approach to marketing and also advertisers themselves who want a little extra creative kick. 

If you’re a marketer, a brand manager, or an advertising creative in need of an additional push to get something over the line, we’re here for you. We have the breadth of experience within our team to cover a number of bases and the flair to make your content really pop. 

Our bottom line is always disruptive, engaging content, and our brands show that. 

We think that the best brands don’t just enter a space, they open it by being different. If you want to bring some of that flavour to your project, get in touch


✏️ Graphic Design

We’re fluent in the process of bringing a brand identity to life, whether it’s online or real world, print or package. 

We know that every image we put into the world is a part of our reputation, so we put the same passion into every project with no corners cut. 


🎬 Video Production 

Our team has the skills to bring ideas  to the screen, no matter if it’s a mobile or 8k cinema. Bringing fantastic concepts and stories to stunning visual life is at the central core of our business. 

Whether it’s web content or a more traditional media you’re focussed on, we can help get your project rolling. We have experience with product explainers, corporate videos, advertising, social media video content and more. 

📱 Social Media Content 

We keep audiences engaged and coming back for more with tightly produced, on brand content that ensures the viewer’s eyes stay on the prize. 

If you want your stakeholders to be coming back for more to find out what your brand is doing and why, we can make sure that your content is as enjoyable as it is addictive. 


🛠 Web Design 

Website design is more important than anything when it comes to selling your product online. Having a beautiful site that holds a customer’s attention, whilst maintaining the functionality necessary for them to find it easy to use is one of the most important aspects of the modern business world. 

If you’re business to business, business to customer, need a shop or a world class landing page, Ecartic Studio can do it all and do it all very well. 


⭕️ Why Ecartic Studio is Unique  

As a business – we’re as different as our projects because we are an agency within a wider network – that means you benefit from the skills of our core group of employees, as well as synergy across the wider Ecartic group. We can call on a range of different contacts to help with every job, so when you partner with us, you don’t just get our core group – you get our network. 

We know that eCommerce isn’t an easy game, but we are set up to help your idea grow and blossom into the best version of itself that it can be, whatever medium you need. 

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BlufVPN partners up with world’s biggest affiliate network CJ

Disruptive new online privacy operator BlufVPN has partnered with CJ.com in a move which gives the brand global reach in the digital marketing space. CJ.com is the world’s largest affiliate network and part of Publicis Media Group. 

Sami Koponen, managing director, BlufVPN said: “Digital performance based marketing forms the bulk of our marketing mix and gives us the ability to make data-driven decisions when scaling our efforts. For a brand with global ambitions it was imperative that we find a partner who is reliable and reputable. From the very first conversation, we felt that CJ could provide that publisher network with intelligent and scalable solutions. I’m looking forward to a fruitful partnership.”

BlufVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider. BlufVPN provides secure and private internet connection for its users. The company was founded in May 2020 and is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

CJ is the the world’s largest affiliate network founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998. Located across 14 offices worldwide delivering innovative solutions and strategies designed to drive results.

BlufVPN is part of Ecartic’s network of companies. Ecartic is a venture hub with a unique approach in launching and scaling disruptive digital businesses. For more information www.ecartic.com

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BlufVPN awarded at National Advertising awards.

BlufVPN has won a Silver award in the category for Design & Branding at the National Advertising Awards of Estonia (Kuld Muna ’21).

BlufVPN commissioned Tabasco Agency to redesign its corporate branding in order to achieve better positioning in the competitive VPN market and to resonate with the user demographic through relevant storytelling.

Sami Koponen, Managing Director, BlufVPN OÜ said: “We felt that the online privacy space is dominated by generic brands with little imagination in their branding. We wanted to bring real depth into the communication of different scenarios where using BlufVPN is relevant. Through the power of storytelling via different characters, which can be localized for relevance, we feel excited about the future. Tabasco is a great partner to work with and they have met our expectations fully.”

BlufVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider. BlufVPN provides secure and private internet connection for its users. The company was founded in May 2020 and is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

For more information sami@blufvpn.com

BlufVPN is part of the Ecartic network. Ecartic is a venture hub and growth machine for disruptive digital products. For more information www.ecartic.com

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Ecartic secures investment

Ecartic completes Series A funding round for online privacy product BlufVPN®

Venture hub Ecartic has completed its Series A funding round for group venture BlufVPN® by raising a significant amount of capital and bringing in seasoned investors from fintech and digital consumer businesses to give it strategic edge in it’s growth phase. 

BlufVPN® will introduce the virtual private network product to several key European and Latin American markets in the upcoming months after its recent completion of a brand and user interface overhaul. With an ever-growing awareness of the need for consumer online privacy, BlufVPN® aims to be the number one online privacy product in Europe by 2025. 

Miko Salo, CEO at Ecartic, said: “We know how competitive the virtual private network market is these days. However, with a clear positioning and relevant product offering, we see tremendous potential in BlufVPN attacking the growth in key markets around the world, not just in the VPN sector but in online privacy as a whole. We are excited to bring on board such a super group of investors and look forward to the upcoming challenges.”

Sami Koponen, Managing Director at Bluf, said: “Consumers are increasingly aware of online privacy and as a result the market is burgeoning. The increasing number of news regarding data breaches, not to mention the ever-growing list of data brokers, has resulted in a heightened demand for VPNs. However, there is a lot more to the market than simply brute security and BlufVPN® brings more value to its users through upcoming product releases. The investment allows us to kick start our user acquisition in strategic markets by utilising Ecartic’s strong digital marketing expertise. ”

Ecartic is a venture hub based in Tallinn, Estonia, which owns and operates several ventures within the ecommerce and digital marketing industries. It’s backed by venture capital fund Yolo Investments. For more information: 




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sharpened focus

Ecartic – sharpened focus on value creation through new business building

Ecartic was born out of curiosity. This is of course one of the key characteristics of anyone with even an ounce of entrepreneurial blood flowing in their veins but in this instance it was a fairly typical case of constant exposure to certain types of social media advertising that led into the investigation of new product trends and their business potential.

The company was founded by two guys with a proven track record in online marketing – the understanding that at the end of the day, if you boil it down to the thick bisque of it, it’s all about monetising traffic in the right way. If the product/market fit is there, if the marketing communication is relevant and a decent media-mix is found..then with optimisation a good level of marketing efficiency can be reached and that equals profitable business (maybe).

And so the 1.0 version of Smileo was rolled out. This soon came with many needs and itches to scratch – An affiliate network was needed, proper tracking tools for CPA based advertising deals, product design, branding, media agencies, logistics, you name it. Basically the usual mess any company has to deal with in its infancy. More importantly, an idea was born – something which has taken over a year to go from fuzzy vision to a solid guiding principle for everything that the ecartic group of companies does.

We are a growth engine driving innovations from concept stage to maturity. Ideas that are created in dedicated business units which make it past the initial proof of concept phase are pushed through the funnel and become their own ventures, independent from the parent company, yet enjoying full support and service from it when needed. They get a product owner or managing director and a lean funding plan in order to validate the concept further and power them into a proper scale-up phase. 

At this point we might have failed or we might have secured some outside funding and brought in some suitable heavy-hitters. This is what we have now successfully done with our online privacy product BlufVPN. More exciting news on that to follow soon!

Our internal teams such as our ecommerce and acquisition teams provide services to our various ventures and they (in most cases) have clear synergies between each other. This is one of the guiding principles – we should be driving value from different parts of the value-chain by connecting these digital concepts. 

Since receiving significant funding from Yolo investments, we’ve been able to scale multiple projects simultaneously and adjust our approach in many cases. We are so happy to have a partner who sees value in our deep marketing expertise and who has so many complementary ventures within it’s portfolio which we will be able to find synergies with. It’s going to be a fun and wild ride..Hold on to your hats! 

I’m enjoying guiding us along the path of transformation from a motley crue with ideas to a group of companies with a clear vision, strategy and dedicated teams realising those dreams. We want to build a strong company culture and compete with the best employers out there in order to attract the right calibre of talent, continue to innovate and come up with disruptive concepts, invest into the right external ventures where we bring something special to the table and most importantly; make sure our customers find value in what we offer.

Stay tuned!

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eCartic receives significant investment from venture capital fund Yolo Investments.

Venture capital fund Yolo Investments has made a significant investment into digital marketing specialists and venture hub eCartic.

The Estonian-based investment is a global B2B partner for disruptive companies within the eCommerce value-chain. It successfully scales across a number of verticals, turning ideas into products by using its expertise in digital marketing and branding. It also builds and markets B2C products and services.

One such product, BlufVPN®️, is fast establishing itself as an innovative leader within the competitive virtual private network (VPN) market and is fast-tracked to become the number one online security product in Europe by 2025.

Tim Heath, GP at Yolo Investments, said: “We were hugely impressed by the level of digital marketing know-how in the eCartic team. This type of expertise is all-too-often the difference between success and failure when it comes to launching new products. Teaming up with eCartic via this strategic startup investment will not only help supercharge the company’s growth, but also adds great value to the Yolo ecosystem.”

Miko Salo, CEO at eCartic, said: “We knew that Yolo Investments would be the catalyst our ambitious plans needed from the very first conversation we had. The seven figure investment allows us to expedite the parallel scaling of multiple ventures, all of which provide synergies not only to each other but also support the existing Yolo ecosystem with clear added value. We look forward to creating a universe of opportunities together as eCartic and Yolo Investments.”

More information about eCartic can be found at e-cartic.com

More information about Yolo Investments can be found at yolo.io

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eCartic 2020 — Year in Numbers

We are certainly not the only ones to say — what a year 2020 was!? It feels like a breath of fresh air to welcome 2021 but looking back on the past 12 months, a lot of great things still happened and a selected few can be seen below.

Our year in numbers:

  • 7 new ventures launched
  • 8 new team members of 4 nationalities welcomed to different eCartic ventures
  • 153 days since we moved into a new office, out of which 61 we have worked from home
  • 14 team members today are working from home (the total of eCartic employees)
  • 250 morning team-briefing calls were made
  • 3 venture launches postponed
  • 2 new office dogs (aka eCartic happiness ambassadors) joined the team
  • 20 total number of dogs and cats in the eCartic team (no joke!)
  • Hundreds of Bolt food contactless meal deliveries (also an Estonian start-up and nowadays one of many local unicorn companies! We are following right behind you..)

Stay tuned, we have planned even more for 2021 🥳

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There’s no way to escape social media

The year 2020 has been, well, challenging to say the least. But not for social media! With all the working from home, the lockdowns and quarantines, social media is thriving in an all-time high demand.

As a venture hub and marketing agency, eCartic is keeping a close eye on the latest trends and novelties on social media. Without a doubt, social media plays a huge role in digital marketing activities and the brand’s reputation these days. Recent data shows that more than half of the world now uses social media with an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day switching between an average of 8 social networks and messaging apps.
Not only people have started to use social media more to keep in touch, to entertain themselves, but also to support their small businesses, because, let’s face it — if your business doesn’t exist on social media, how will people find you during a lockdown?
However, the situation has changed the content production too, now more than ever people are hungry for fresh fast-produced content, not to be confused with lesser quality, the visual look, as well as theme coherency, is still important.

With this intention, social media platforms have made it easy to generate engaging content fast, with little planning, and without involving a huge team of professionals, making it easy for individuals and small businesses. We’ve seen big and small companies live-stream events and conferences, roll out home-made advertising campaigns, use influencer generated content, and take the advantage of the ‘’here and now’’ that has never been as important as it is with our current situation.

It has been a great year for Tiktok; this generation-Z popular platform has doubled its downloads just over a year, becoming a close rival to Instagram, which fortunately hasn’t been sitting it out. Not only did Instagram quickly react to the popularity of Tiktok videos and rolled out its own version ‘’Reels”, but also launched ‘’Guides’’, re-shaped the home screen and shopping functionalities on the app. Not stopping there, they also broadened the promotion options and made it possible for brands to directly promote collaboration partner’s posts, which is great for increasing both brand awareness and sales.

It’s important to realize that also user behavior has changed during this oversaturated period of time — people aren’t as naive as they used to be and have learned to question the things seen and read online. Authenticity is key. People are looking to connect and to join online communities, they want to read about real experiences, real problems, and participate in problem solving to celebrate victories together — online. More and more influencers have started to talk about mental health issues, the pressure social media exerts on us (and especially young people), and even have started to share their real-life vs Instagram realities.

Notably, Influencer marketing as we knew it has changed too. Followers have started to pay attention to how many of the influencer posts are advertisements, forcing influencers to be more creative and to carefully consider the amount (and brands) they’re promoting on their feed.

In summary, the year 2020 has made it clear — social media is and will continue to be a powerful marketing tool that can’t be ignored. I’m excited to see what the next year will bring to us — social media marketers.

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