Hope is not a strategy against data breaches. Data breach Strategy.

How To Prevent A Data Breach In Your Company?

Firstly, what is a data breach? A data breach is when your information, specifically online data, is accidentally or intentionally leaked. This might occur because of a mistake on a company’s or employee’s part, or it might happen as a result of a cyber-attack. The data in question, for example, names, emails, financial details, passwords, and usernames, is extremely valuable to cybercriminals. Security breaches at companies could result in stolen money, loss of reputation due to data leakage, or production stops. People’s data could be used to make purchases or, in worst-case scenarios, to steal their identity. This is why hope is not a strategy against data breaches and whatever the size of the company you should have a clear strategy to prevent data breaches. 

There are many steps that a company can take to protect themselves and their employees from security risks and data breaches. The following are our top three recommendations for protecting and securing your company:


1. Train your team: employees are experts, just not always in cybersecurity.


90% of data breaches and leaks are due to human error.

Let’s elaborate on why: the Psychology of human error 2022 report states that, when it comes to cybersecurity, one-third of respondents (33%) said they rarely or never thought about it at work. But here’s the thing: not every employee is a cybersecurity expert. When faced with to-do lists, diversions, and the need to get things done fast, cognitive burdens become overpowering, and mistakes can occur.

That is why it’s important to educate your employees; make sure that they have the right knowledge, are using the right practices, and are following the protocols you have set up in the company.
For our Ecartic team, we used a company called Etevä. They have provided seminars and training courses for our team.


2. Restrict data access, to prevent data breaches. 


The fewer people have access to certain data, the fewer chances there are of having a data breach. You should make sure that all your data and company information is shared with the right people. Furthermore, access should be given to those who are authorized to have it and need it.

One big reason data protection is also important is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As an employer, you must be transparent about how you are using and safeguarding your employees’ data, inside and outside the organisation. You must be accountable for your data processing activities and be able to show how you meet data protection principles. 


3. Increase general security by using a VPN.


Another way to protect company data is to use a VPN. Especially now when employees have largely moved to remote work, which has posed new security challenges for big corporations and individuals alike. Often, the most vulnerable entry point is mobile devices. VPNs can be used to protect connections made by computers, laptops, and smartphones. They can also protect you from hacking attacks like DDoS, malware, cookie theft, and many more. At the end of the day, your employees can be trained and knowledgeable, but having extra protection is simply a must. That is why at Ecartic, our employees use BlufVPN to improve our security. BlufVPN is one of Ecartics’ ventures and probably one of the reasons we have learned as Ecartic the importance of security and privacy. If the topics of internet security and privacy interest you, then make sure to check out BlufVPN’s blog.

Our COO, Sami Koponen who is also the Managing Director of BlufVPN, shared his thoughts:


”Working from home has become a new reality for many of us. This creates new kinds of challenges for both individuals and companies especially when it comes to online privacy. Working from a personal computer and accessing companies’ sensitive data is a daydream to man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing attempts. That is where Bluf comes in, BlufVPN offers VPN services for customers as well as dedicated enterprise solutions.


Make sure to get in touch, to find a solution for your company! And if you wish to try out Bluf in the meantime, use code bluf30 for a 30-day free trial! 

Data breaches will become more risky and impactful


Data breaches are likely here to stay, and they might even become more and more frequent as we move more and more of our work and daily lives into digital spaces. This means that data breaches will also become more risky and impactful. It’s so crucial that companies have the right approach and teach their teams the right tools. That is the best way to avoid most data breaches!
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Sami Koponen

COO @Ecartic and MD @BlufVPN

Eloora Rannala

Work Culture Manager

1600 900 Ecartic
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