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Become a Data-Driven Organisation from the Get-Go!

At Ecartic, and now through our new Ecartic Agency, we are dedicated to supporting businesses and business growth by being Data-Driven.

As an organisation it is always Easier Said than Done, but why is it so important?


Business Intelligence refers to the tools, technologies, applications, and practices used to collect, integrate, analyse, and present an organisation’s raw data in order to create insightful and Actionable Business Information. 

Especially for many startups, investments in BI are not top of mind in the early stages. As the company grows and the product(s) and supporting infrastructure become more complex, the need for BI increases as do the man-hours necessary to catch up with the data infrastructure, and data pipelines. reporting and so on. Most importantly, a data-driven organisation is only successful when it is part of the Company Culture and culture takes time to build. There are so many reasons to have BI top of mind from the Get-Go! 

What are your startup’s plans for BI and how do you see BI playing a role in your future success?
Some good practices include clearly identifying your Customer Touchpoints along the Customer Journey from the first contact until that customer has become a customer for life.
Key Performance Questions (KPQs) can help identify why customers would stay on the critical path of becoming a loyal customer or drop out and churn. This helps in devising a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which will help measure the success and Drive Decision Making. 
Whether it is UX flows, CRM, related to the monetisation or gamification models, acquisition source, and so on, actions will require data pipelines to the various tools and applications – allowing Interacting and Experimentation.
Many reasons to have BI top of mind and not to let BI become a Technical Dept! 
BlufVPN and Business Intelligence – Having the product and BI roadmap aligned is what will enable us to launch great features.
At BlufVPN, one of our ventures in Ecartic, we have identified how important it is to focus on BI and have started the work of mapping out our customer journey and touchpoints which has led us to create a long-term plan for our data infrastructure as well as a roadmap. Having the product and BI roadmap be aligned is what will enable us to launch great features such as gamification with a point rewards system and a shop for example, or better CRM journeys. It has also allowed us to better understand how our mobile vs web products perform in terms of cost of acquisition and LTV and ultimately drive better decision-making.
Get in Touch to find out how Ecartic Agency can help Become a Data-Driven Organisation from the Get-Go!

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Ecartic Agency – one-stop shop for startups!

This spring is bringing lots of new and exciting endeavors to our Ecartic universe, we are constantly evolving and that is why we are excited to announce our new project Ecartic Agency

Ecartic has such diverse experiences through our employees and also thanks to the complex setup of our ventures. And because of that, we know exactly how complicated starting a company can be. That is why we want to offer services that help companies on their growth journey and help them make the next step. We want to be a one-stop shop for startups! 

Our lead on this project Mischa Nyffeler

“Working with startups is most exciting and challenging. Mentoring and working with new talents and helping to build an efficient and scalable set of support systems as a means to set the path for growth and success is the most rewarding. It’s all about having the right tools and processes, having customers first approach, and building a winning organization and a great place to work.” 


What we offer

We offer a full-service package to support you in your journey and bring your company to the next level. From building your product and brand experience to analytics and last but not least build a winning organization and a great place to work – we are a one-stop-shop for start-ups and entrepreneurs. You benefit from the skills of our core group, as well as synergy across the wider Ecartic group. We can call on a range of different contacts to help with every job, so when you partner with us, you don’t just get our core group – you get our network.


Our expertise 


Gamification & Monetisation

Driving engagement and monetisation are key to long-term success. We help with the gamification toolbox to make the most of your revenue flows. 


Know where you are and know where you are going! We help you build the right backbone for your business! 

Organisational planning and Recruitment

From identifying key hires to supporting with sourcing the right candidates and recruitment processes. We got it covered! 

People & Culture

Helping you develop your People and Culture Strategy while supporting you with everyday tasks. With an end goal of making your company the best place to work!!


As entrepreneurs, we truly value the creative process and values that come with growing a company. It is our vision to support startups in Estonia and across Europe, and create jobs and opportunities.

Contact us and we will support you in bringing your ideas to life!

Mischa Nyffeler

Eloora Rannala
Work Culture Manager

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