BlufVPN — On the Road to Privacy

BlufVPN — On the Road to Privacy

“BlufVPN™ currently provides VPN services for private individuals with a network of over 500 servers, 80 locations worldwide, and is available on 5 platforms. BlufVPN aims to be the #1 Online Privacy brand in Europe and to offer a full security suite for its customers.

The word “Bluf(f)” has many meanings. In poker a good player knows when to bluff at the right time, in the military (Bottom Line Up Front — bluf) it’s a communication acronym to enforce speed and clarity in reports and emails. For us, Bluf means more secure internet connections, access to unlimited content, cheaper traveling, and freedom of speech. Our vision is to build Europe’s #1 online privacy brand and do our part in securing your privacy online!

This all means that I’m more than excited to be part of the growing team of BlufVPN! We are currently operating on 5 different platforms with 500+ servers, in over 80 locations worldwide, offering connections using the latest tunneling protocols and zero-log policy. Gladly, this is still just the beginning of our journey to become a reckoned player in the industry! When speaking about privacy, for us transparency is a big part of it. That’s why we have chosen to operate from beautiful Estonia, land of unicorns, which was ranked #2 in the U.S think tank “Freedom House’s” global “Internet Freedom Index”*.

The year 2021 is just around the corner and working from home is becoming the new reality for many of us. This creates new kinds of challenges for both individuals and companies especially when it comes to online privacy. Working from a personal computer and accessing sensitive data of companies is a daydream to man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing attempts. I’m happy to let you know that the team has been working hard at Bluf to introduce new features during the next year, including our standalone enterprise VPN solution for businesses!

In the upcoming months, you will be able to follow the development of our product roadmap, industry news, and insights from the Bluf team on this forum, as we plan to use it on a regular basis. Please join in with the conversation, or drop me a line if you are interested in hearing more about BlufVPN. You can also find helpful information from our blog.

In the meantime, I welcome you to try out our recently launched products and hope that you will be patient if you come across some bugs or glitches.

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