Apps and technologies our team at Ecartic can’t live without

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Apps and technologies our team at Ecartic can’t live without

At Ecartic and in all our ventures we love to be at the forefront of new initiatives and ideas. And we absolutely love new technologies and anything that can make our lives easier, add excitement to our lives or connect us to our community better. That is why this week we will look at our team’s favorite apps and new technologies. 

1. Mischa – Chief Analytics Officer

“I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping. While I like to go to markets and buy fresh products, Bolt Food market delivery has become my favorite way of taking care of most grocery shopping. I love gaming and my PS5 – on mobile Virtual Regatta Offshore is my favorite game. It’s a real-time real weather ocean racing game with a great sailing community worldwide.”  

2. Kimmo – Head of Development 

“I absolutely love taking notes of everything, and currently I’m flooding all of my thoughts, ideas & plans to – Doesn’t matter whether it’s some technical implementation details or just about life in general, I just like to have everything in writing. In my free time, I like playing all sorts of video games on my PC, lately, I’ve spent a good amount of time with Red Dead Redemption 2, a great game with a great storyline!”

3. Miko –  co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

“I’m a big fan of the DuckDuckGo search engine as it lets you take back control of your online footprint and stops you from being profiled by advertisers and other entities. It also provides a more balanced and unfiltered search result, without trying to turn you into the product. I think BlufVPN and DuckDuckGo is a great combo.”

4. Juha – Head of Acquisition

“I use so many different apps and softwares on a daily basis that it’s difficult to “identify” the ones that have the biggest meaning for me. Mostly I’m married to Google, and I like that the documents are accessible on GDrive, also the overall Google SSO ecosystem helps with being able to access any other Apps fast. I also use Bitwarden to manage all my passwords, credit card info, and private notes.”

5. Miikka – Full-Stack Developer

‘‘For me, quite recently emerged AI solutions like DALL·E 2 and Midjourney have been a breath of fresh air! While those applications are exciting to play with, it also makes me think about how similar kinds of applications can (and will) be integrated into our businesses and everyday lives in the future. Getting familiar with said applications has also inspired me to dive deeper into AI development, and start my own AI-based hobby project.’’

6. Eloora – Work Culture Manager 

‘‘There are two things that come to mind, firstly Bolt but more specifically the Bolt Drive function. I don’t own a car and really don’t see the need for one on a permanent basis, but Bolt Drive gives me the opportunity to use a car when needed or when I feel like throwing a sing-a-long concert for one in the car. And on the other side, it’s the Smart-ID app/function, it just makes your life so much easier and more secure!”

7. Miika – Chief Financial Officer 

”The food delivery apps like Wolt and Bolt have been lifesavers at various times. Long days at work, empty fridge when coming home and no energy left. The best feeling is when you can make the order and just sit, relax and get your meal shortly. Otherwise, I use apps quite randomly, maybe I could mention the news apps which are quite handy to stay up-to-date on recent developments.”  

8. Advait – Sr. Digital Media Buyer

LastPass followed by two-factor authentication. I can’t imagine my digital life without it, I always need these handy wherever I go, since I use those auto-generated strong passwords. It’s tough to remember any of it. Lastpass is a life savior. Tech-wise I would always need my gaming console with me, not like I am addicted to gaming but when I feel like playing it has to be, so I carry it around even when I travel somewhere.”

Maybe you discovered something new or maybe you found that you have the same favorites that our team does. Let us know, what are your favorite apps or technologies right now!

Happy Friday from Team Ecartic!

Eloora Rannala
Work Culture Manager

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